A Shower Better Than…

Four days have passed since our last shower. When we drive by an onion patch and are not sure if the smell is coming from the field or us, that is the moment when a shower goes directly on top of the priority list. We are back at Yellowstone and directed to head towards the fancy resort, since the campground does not have showers, however, the resort will sell you one for $3.68–two please. I gather my stuff and head for clean. I am surprised to see no line. A private room with a single shower all to myself. Turning on the faucet I stand there and let the perfectly warm water cascade down and I am in heaven. This is a moment that needs to last a little longer. Minutes pass and no one has knocked on the door. I’m not fumbling to add more coins or constantly pushing a lever for more pressure. I haven’t been scolded by gently adjusting the knob or almost hypothermic when hot water completely runs out and a thick lather of soap remains. I’m not setting up a solar shower to hang off a tree just in time to get undressed and fear that someone or something will appear at any moment. Never mind feeling like a million bucks, this is better. I leave the room and steam pours over the door. A grin on my face has people wondering, what was going on in there! Just a shower folks.

8 Comments on “A Shower Better Than…

  1. Can only imagine the wonderful odors emanating from June…after those 4 days.

  2. This trip truely shows you the things we have taken for granted in western society. Hot showers have never felt so good!

  3. yep, not much better after that many days of travel. do you guys have an onboard shower or are you just using the solar shower and facilities when you find them? $3.68 ain’t bad!

    • We just have a solar shower and not very happy with it…on that day we would have paid a lot more than $3.68! Thinking of getting a shower surround so we can use the solar whenever. I had hoped to pick up a RoadShower, however they are currently sold out. I like the concept, and guess I could make my own, but I’d rather support his business. I’ll try to pick one up before we head South.

  4. On my overland cycling trips, I often just use a pan of water and a sponge – It does make showers something to be savoured though, and as for a bath….. 🙂

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