02 Toyota Tundra/FWC

After watching our first vehicle plan burst into uncontrollable flames, we knew instantly that the new set up would include a pick up truck and something to sleep in, slide in or fold out.  We reached out to the overland community to see what was working for other folks while keeping this list of “must haves” in mind:

  • Reliability
  • 4WD
  • Inside & Outside living space
  • Comfy Bed
  • Kitchen
  • Storage Area
  • Solar
  • We like the idea of a pop-up which offers a low profile but once popped offers lots of head space
  • Having a home that can be removed was important in case the vehicle breaks down
Arches NP

Arches NP

Since the budget always speaks, we decided on a used 2002 Toyota Tundra and were very lucky to find a used (in excellent condition) Four Wheel Camper.  

The Break Down

Modifications to the Truck

Suspension:  Front Icon coilover and rear Icon piggyback shocks.  Camburg UCA’s.  Icon diff drop kit.  Rear leaf springs (custom by Deaver).  Firestone Ride-rite air bags with Daystar cradles (to complement leaf springs).

Wheels & Tires:  Wheeler’s off road steel wheels and Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX tires

ARB Air Compressor

Total Chaos steering rack busing kit

Light Force off road lights

Kill Switch

Wish List (still deciding): ARB rear locker RD 129 and swing away bumper

2008 FWC Eagle

2008 FWC Eagle


Four Wheel Camper

All the things we were looking for in a home we found in a Four Wheel Camper.  The aluminum frame makes this camper light weight and sturdy with a low profile while down yet pops up to 6’4.  Made for off road.  Easy to set up and complete with a queen size bed, fridge, 2 burner stove, couch, storage, solar and awning.  These campers are not easy to find out east!  We purchased a used 2008 Eagle from craigslist (in South Dakota) but then had it shipped to the FWC Dealer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to have a complete inspection, added the arctic pack and installed the camper onto our truck.  This was all made possible with the help of Denny Saunders from the Four Wheel Campers in Jackson Hole who went out of his way to answer all of our questions (we had tons), helped us with the shipping logistics and got our camper ready to go.

Moab, UT

Moab, UT





One Comment on “02 Toyota Tundra/FWC

  1. Hola
    Interested in your FWC Eagle travels in Mexico and farther south.
    We live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with out dog and 2018 Toyota Tacoma with FWC Fleet camper. Enjoyed a 6 month cross Canada to Alaska journey in 2019.
    We are headed to Arizona in January 2021 Covid-willing.
    We wanted to drive down Baja and then take La Paz-Mazatlan ferry in February/March
    Your description sounds pretty straight forward but of course ore-Covid.
    We’re you charged rates as a automobile plus driver, automobile with trailer, motorhome? Big difference in fares? Did you sleep in public area ( with dog), could you pop the camper at night?
    Any other thoughts or suggestions?
    David and Sharon and Hoo Doo

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