We have people to thank and resources to share!

*The thought of driving through Central and South America had never accord to us. We always wanted to see those places but by plane of course. We did not know it was possible…to drive. The Wide-Eyed Wanderers opened our eyes and lit the spark. Wide-Eyed Wanderers by Richard and Amanda Ligato

*Further into our planning we came across a tell all-doesn’t-miss-a-step-prepare-for- everything field guide to traveling and camping throughout Mexico, Central and South America. From what to expect at borders, great camping spots and even advice on living in tight quarters with your significant other (which I have highlighted, underlined and circled!). Americas Overland The Driving Handbook by Donald and Kim Greene

*Discovering the blogs of all the people out there on the road, making their trip happen was by far the biggest inspiration and best resource. Even in the mist of their trip, people would encourage questions and offer advice to anyone thinking of taking the plunge. Pouring over their stories, pictures and list of things to do and not do we slowly began to build our trip.

Drive the Americas:

Expedition Portal:

Lost World Expeditions:

Life Remotely:

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