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Someone had a great idea:  Sell the stuff that can’t fit into a storage unit or the inside of a vehicle and take a drive.  A nice long drive.  Take the roads with no names and the side streets that connect in between.  Take the main streets through tiny towns and the narrow roads that wind around mountain sides.  Take in the view.  Do not take a strict plan.  Just go.  And take it a day at a time.

Wake the Dead Diaries was started in 2012 during a 3 month overland trip around the U.S.  We started with an 87 Syncro and sadly made the decision to sell due to reliability issues (full break up story).  Our second choice was always a truck, and sliding a 4 wheel camper in the back sounded like a good plan (description & details).

Chanchito & Sprite

Chanchito & Sprite

We decided a three-legged-lucky pig couldn’t hurt so we brought one along and named our rig the same – Chanchito (made of clay and pocket size).  This time we are headed to the west and then south…until the stash runs out and wheels stop turning.  We are going to take it a day at a time.

Add your email to the Follow Us box to receive our updates.  We also plan to add reviews on places to see and don’t miss spots.  If you have any questions or would like to contact us don’t hesitate to send an email – thanks for reading!

Carrie St. Clair {carriecstclair@yahoo.com}

Alaska 2013 579I grew up in Michigan and can remember camping trips all throughout the state. Sometimes in a tent, sometimes in a pop up, but always an adventure.  The plan to drive was an easy one—never missing the points in between.  Some places you plan to see but sometimes the best spots are the ones discovered along the way.


Colin St. Clair {stclair411@aol.com}

DSC_0346I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and will always consider this my home. For the past 15 years I have been lucky enough to find my dream job as a fireman in the Nation’s Capital. I have always enjoyed traveling, the outdoors and whatever misadventures I can find.  Most of all, I enjoy seeing new places and learning about different cultures. I am not sure where these travels will take me, but I am sure that it’s scary as hell and can’t wait to get started!


We found this little dog running in the street, growling with a chicken bone hanging from her mouth, and somehow found her way into our hearts and along for the adventure. She weighs in at about 15lbs and a mixed breed of love and crazy.

19 Comments on “About Us

  1. Have a wonderful adventure. Be safe. We will be fascinated to share your adventure virtually! loads of love, Aunt Molly and Uncle Mike

  2. YES!!!!!!! This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO you & your path!!!!! I’m so excited to read about all your adventures!

  3. On The Road Again….just can’t wait to get on the road again…….
    Can you hear me singing….hope you guys are having fun….

  4. Just found out about this from Pam. This is wonderful and I envy you both. If you get out our way, stop in for a while, plenty of room to park, hot showers and good company. Besides I want Cheri and Drew to meet Carrie. Love to you both.

  5. P.S. don’t forget about the place we have available where you can have complete seclusion and all the game and fish you could want. You guys ROCK!!!

  6. My Parents did something like this in Europe for 2 years after my dad retired. Had all sorts of adventures like being invited to ski with the (now former) King of Spain because my dad took ski poles away from the young Crown Prince (now the King) because he was hitting his little sister with them and no one else would stop him. Juan Carlos was most grateful and insisted that my parents join him and the Queen for the rest of the day.

    Pam set me up with your address and I am enviously following you.

  7. Hey Carrie! We met at national bridges monument last month – remember us in the Tiger? Finally had a chance to find your site and will follow you. We are in PHX and should be in Baja early next month. It was great meeting you and who knows, maybe again some day somewhere! Cheers, Fran & Doug Calder (no fixed address!)

    • Hi Fran and Doug, You should be enjoying sunshine on the Baja by now! How are you two doing? Please, we would love to have your emails so we can keep in touch. I’m so excited that you reached out. We are still on the road…winding down, our last month. Crazy, how fast a year can fly. Hope all is well and reach back out when you get a few minutes. Safe travels!! Colin and Carrie

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