A Date is Set

A month has passed since my last post.  Progress is being made and our date is finally set.  We have checked the van report like most check the weather to determine our next move.  From a garage in Colorado the final adjustments are being made and our nearly empty apartment is a sure sign it’s time to hit the road and head west to pick up our little home on wheels.   We will turn our apartment key in on the 31st of July and leave with a rental vehicle loaded with boxes full of contents that once filled a 7 page list.  The list is down to a few remaining items one of which came just the other day—no trip is complete without the comforts of a porta potty.   Specifically the “Go Anywhere Portable Toilet” which doesn’t just market the road traveler but according to the box it’s good for tailgating, sporting events, in your boat and on the job!   I didn’t even mention the best feature; it comes with GREEN bio-degradable poo bags.  It really is the little things that matter the most.

Once we arrive in Colorado the plan is to spend a full day with our mechanic, Lucas, going over all the fine details that we have only seen in pictures.  So many details!  We are looking forward to posting pictures of the completed project which we call June.

One Comment on “A Date is Set

  1. yeah!! Im in and ready to read all about the adventures!! So excited for you guys to hit the road and hopefully not hit each other!! LOL

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