Time to blow the dust off this rusty blog. We are still on hold but did manage to get a little adventure in… My younger brother has been living in Alaska for just under two years. Not a long time, but enough time to experience the weather and the rain, the rush of tourist in the summer and the long periods of quiet isolation that comes with winter. Enough time to call… Read More

It’s almost 8 pm on a Saturday night. Lying outside nestled next to Colin, the air is warm and the sky is clear. He leans over to whisper in my ear, “Can you hand me the torque wrench?” this is true romance. Underneath the van on a plastic tarp (grease from head to toe) we are trying to replace both rear cv joints and axles. Over the last few days a click… Read More

Beyond the Grand Tetons, over an impossibly steep pass, and nestled just a few feet within the Idaho boarder, lies Driggs. This town feels like a secret treasure. Ericka, the wife of Mark Goddard, (Pop Top Shock’s owner) informs me that they are recruiting new people to the area and it’s not a hard sell. They have created a unique life in Driggs one that many only hope to find in their… Read More

I am sitting in a collapsable chair on the banks of Clearwater River. We are on scenic route 12 from northern Idaho to Montana and I have been tracing this river through the passenger side window for the last 136 miles. At points, the river, rushing so fast it echoes, then expanding at the next bend causing the rapids to slow, leaving a gentle rhythm. It stays so clear you can see… Read More

Four days have passed since our last shower. When we drive by an onion patch and are not sure if the smell is coming from the field or us, that is the moment when a shower goes directly on top of the priority list. We are back at Yellowstone and directed to head towards the fancy resort, since the campground does not have showers, however, the resort will sell you one for $3.68–two please…. Read More

North of Portland there is no choice but to enter Washington.  We have zero plan and another terrible map.  It’s not that we don’t want to see this state, but after a nice dinner at Rouge Brew Pub, excellent beer follow by a Voodoo doughnut sometimes the brain just stops.  The body wants to sleep and the thought of navigating through another unknown place does not sound appealing at this point in… Read More

Arriving in Oregon is a welcome change. Farmland reaches as far as the eye can see. Perfect rows of freshly cut hay roll along the hillside mixed with fields of golden wheat and tractors in the distance followed by clouds of dust. The miles of manicured fields and bold colors of each harvest makes me miss the small town I grew up in. Communities of farmers become families. A farm takes a… Read More

Dust is blowing. It’s dry, it’s warm and black as hardened lava, because it is hardened lava. Miles of volcanic lava and jagged rock pieces that once exploded from deep within the earths crust cover this entire area known as craters on the moon. We are in southern Idaho and just camped right in the middle of this moon-like place where a shady tree is hard to find. It’s fascinating that anything… Read More

    Hills to deep red plateaus. Rich farmland sprinkled with cattle. Back to flat covered in scrub brush. Road signs warn of open range and I’m in the middle of a great western movie. I realize the iconic symbol is the cowboy riding the bucking horse, but I was not expecting this. We drove from the south eastern tip all the way to the north western tip of Wyoming not to… Read More

Cold wakes me. For a second I forget where I am until peeking through the screen and there it sits, The Pile, and all I can do is laugh. The Pile looks like a moving truck has thrown up into a heap on a blue tarp right next to us. My focus moves from The Pile to the compartments in the van and then back to The Pile. I’m not usually pessimistic… Read More


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